Our company is composed of 20 enthusiastic people who want to satisfy the commercial needs of our customers with the highest efficiency, collaboration and ultimately the highest satisfaction. We're fully aware that the application of new techniques and products, as well as the constant formation of our staff, are key factors which allow us to grow, be more competitive and guarantee our continuity as a company.

IMAR SANT HILARI, SL, designs the electrical systems which will be manufactured afterwards. We also manufacture the electrical system based on the drafts designed by the customer himself, interpreting and adapting them to our production line. To improve efficiency with time and resources in the manufacture of the electrical system, IMAR SANT HILARI, SL, has developed an innovative technology which facilitates the coding of the different wires that compose the electrical system of the vehicle. We use automated printers which have a wire selection system that's unique in the sector. Later we place the different protections with the required material, suitable to the demand of the work and format (tube, wire netting, bridle, ...) and the placement of terminals ans connectors. Because of our philosophy on quality, our product is subjected to permanent quality, resistance and functioning controls throughout the whole assembly line, testing the electrical connection in a unitary way at the end of the process.

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